WW1-books at Fort YorkTo complement the Great War exhibits at the Fort York Visitor Centre, the Fort York Museum Store is offering an impressive array of World War 1 titles. Whether you are a casual reader or a military enthusiast, there is something here for everyone.
To learn more about World War 1 from a Canadian perspective visit the Museum Store today.

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Now available at the Fort York Museum Store

- Winning The Ridge The Canadians At Vimy Ridge 1917, N.M. Christie
- Lights Out!, Sister Kate Wilson
- Not Mentioned In Dispatches, Sergeant Fred Bagnall
- I, That’s Me., Major Peter Anderson D.S.O. & Bar
- Prisoner 5-1-11:The Memoir Of Harry Laird, 4Th Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-18, Donald Henry Laird
- Pounding The Enemy, Lucie E. Gagné
- The Great War As I Saw It, Canon Frederick G. Scott C.M.G.,D.S.O.
- A Crown Of Life- John Mccrae, Dianne Graves
- The Canadian Corps In Ww1, René Chartrand
- Stanly Barracks, Alsona Sendzikas
- Hells Corner, J.L. Granatstein
- Digging The Trench, Andrew Robertshaw
- Boys And Girls In No Man’s Land, Susan R. Fisher
- Canadian Army At War, Mike Chappell
- When Your Number’s Up, Desmond Morton
- Canadian Military History, J.L. Granatstein & Dean F. Oliver
- For Freedom And Honour, A.B. Godefroy
- & After This Our Exile, Ward Mcburney
- Sap’s War, Ward Mcburney