Fort York-centred Annotated Bibliography

Incorporating the Bibliography in Historic Fort York: 1793–1993

by Carl Benn (1993) and more recent publications

Friends of Fort York and Garrison Common – History and Archaeology Committee 

(date of this version: 29 Sept 2007)


This bibliography provides a comprehensive guide to major published sources of information about Historic Fort York, Toronto. Fort York National Historic Site, including the burial ground in Victoria Memorial Square and Garrison Common, is one of Canada's most important historic forts. Established in 1793 by Upper Canada's Lieutenant–Governor, John Graves Simcoe, its use spans the Frontier War of the 1790s, the War of 1812, the Rebellion of 1837, the Anglo–American tensions of the 1860s, and the nineteenth–century period of defence of Upper Canada by the British army, along with the late nineteenth and early twentieth–century Canadian army garrisoning of Toronto. It retains a hugely significant collection of original War of 1812 buildings – the largest, certainly, in Canada and probably anywhere. Fort York today also comprises one of the country's largest urban archaeological sites – especially when the battlefield to the west (Battle of York, 1813) under the open land in the eastern part of Exhibition Place is considered. Fort York has been the subject of scholarly studies focused on its archaeology (Gerrard), architecture (Benn "The Blockhouses"), military significance, and social milieu (Benn "British Army Officer Housing").

The most comprehensive history of Fort York to date is Historic Fort York: 1793–1993 (Benn HFY) – an illustrated 191–page history of the fort, including an exploration of the Battle of York and the New Fort to the west. This bibliography is an updated version of the bibliography found in that book.

Scope of bibliography:

Included in this bibliography are published primary sources but not primary materials (including many maps, for instance) that are in manuscript or microfilm form. These primary materials may be found by consulting the references in many of Benn's publications. Internal research documents (e.g., technical architectural and archaeological reports) that are hard to access are also not included. To compensate for this absence, we include a list of report series and their locations (in the next section). On the other hand, major stand–alone reports (e.g., major planning and vision documents – see under "Friends of Fort York and Garrison Common") are included as individual items in the bibliography. Most of these documents are found in the fort's library (research centre), and can be seen by appointment.

Report series:

Note on sources:

The pre–1993 entries in this bibliography are derived from the "Select Bibliography" in Benn (HFY:179–184). Many of the more recent entries and annotations in this bibliography are derived, in part, from "Bibliography of Toronto History Since 1990" (7th ed.), compiled and annotated by Carl Benn. Online document:


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